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Photo by Ann Madden Photography

Photo by Ann Madden Photography

about us

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The French Potager opened in the fall of 2012. Artist and antiquarian, Martha Whitney Butler, moved to the Bay to chase her dreams and was quickly woven into the colorful fabric of this beautiful town. When the opportunity presented itself, Butler scooped up the “tiniest, cutest little building on Main St.” and called it home to the goodness that would become TFP. An ever-evolving shop, there’s always something new and exciting bouncing around the store, as Butler is a creative force that plants the seeds of ideas and nurtures them until they bloom. Different booths boast a curated selection of items ranging from gifts, antiques, books and more. The name, French Potager, is a nod to her parents’ antique business in Alabama. Potager means garden in French- specifically a garden that grown herbs used in the kitchen. One of the shop’s best-selling items is the Potager arrangement which features a small kitchen garden in a very unique container. Growing up in a world laden with antiques and beautiful flowers in the house and being fortunate enough to travel the world looking for them left a huge impression on Butler. After leaving the corporate world, she found herself lounging at a tiny tiki bar with a daiquiri in hand in a tiny town she had never heard of – Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It was love at first sip, so she packed her life up and bolted down here as fast as her feet could fly. The town was swelling with artists and opportunities for those willing to put the work in, so she did what any artist would do in this situation, she dreamed. She dreamt that she could open her own business and do what she loved. Thankfully, she had moved to a place where dreams come true and she planted her feet in the sand and lived happily ever after.

Fresh flowers are available daily here at The French Potager. Not only can you purchase them by the stem, WE DELIVER too! We specialize in everything from weddings and events to sympathy arrangements for funerals. Daily delivery all along the Coast is available, and we are even happy to come to your home and help fulfill your floral needs.

We pride ourselves in quality, uniqueness, and beauty. Our arrangements reflect our passion and love for flowers, offering a variety of unique and interesting blooms. Book us for an event or wedding HERE or ORDER ONLINE for deliveries and pickups. Because we pride ourselves in original designs that feature in-season blooms and local flowers, you won’t find your standard “same-ol, same-ol” arrangements. We approach floral design from an artistic perspective, so our customers will receive a one-of-a-kind bouquet, not a photo that has been posted on a site for ten years. We use unique containers from our store to remove the “unwanted vases piling up in the cabinet” scenario. We want you to be happy, so if you have a direction you would like us to go in, please feel free to call and our designers will assist you with achieving your vision.

Photo by Ann Madden Photography

Photo by Ann Madden Photography

Meet Martha Whitney

our talented florist

Working at the Birmingham Museum of Art, Martha Butler learned the nuts and bolts of running a museum, then in 2009, visited Bay St. Louis for the first time to apply as manager of the Alice Moseley Museum.  “I fell in love with Bay St. Louis instantly,” says Butler.  “I didn’t want to leave and ended up moving down the next weekend.”

She fulfilled her dream of opening her own Old Town shop in 2012, with the goal of being “the cutest darn thing on Main Street.”  Potager (pronounced Po – ta –zhay) is the French word for a kitchen garden filled with edible herbs, vegetables and flowers. Potagers are delightful to the eye, yet useful – just like the things in Butler’s classy cottage shop. This boutique for the home is filled with curiosities and oddities, along with room-making accents and furniture. Her whimsical floral designs have been featured in publications all over the Southeast.  – Ellis Anderson